Égalité is proud to present Covid-19, ABC, a three-volume compendium that offers practical instructions and food for thought on how to live with the coronavirus as people, society, and a planet.

Covid-19, ABC: Three In-depth Volumes

Volume I – People offers a comprehensive overview of the best ways to prevent the virus’s transmission. This includes rules and recommendations issued by authorities, as well as the results of scientific studies. It also covers the ‘which and why’ of protective and sanitizing equipment, hygienic precautions, in addition to practical advice for the new everyday life both inside and outside the walls the home. With an extensive illustration of the Mediterranean diet and the lifestyle to follow – divided by age group – to improve the health of the intestinal microbiota. The goal: to strengthen the immune system, our greatest ally in this and many other challenges. Health and well-being are the key concepts.

Volume II – Society considers the impact of this worldwide health emergency on workers, businesses, and agriculture. This includes containment measures in public spaces and professional environments, as well as the responsibilities of employers, with rules and guidelines for preventing contagion. We also focus on food and supply chain safety, from the farm to the fork. This is a summary of the measures adopted in Italy, the European Union, and at the international level for the management of the various phases of the emergency, starting from Phase 1, in view of the implementation of Phase 2, and in the hope of reaching Phase 3 soon.

Volume III – Planet analyzes the novel coronavirus in a larger dimension, the planetary scale. Very few entities were able to intercept the ‘gray swan’ event that is Covid-19 in enough time to mitigate its medical, social, and economic impact. We explore the correlations that can be drawn between pollution and social injustice, on the one hand, and the spread of the virus and its effects on the other. In addition, we look at how and why it is necessary to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UN’s 2030 Agenda while focusing attention on the most vulnerable categories: children and minors, mothers and women, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.

Let’s Get Infected with Good!

Covid-19, ABC is distributed to all those who want to make a donation, even a symbolic one, to the crowdfunding project launched by Égalité Onlus. The aim is to produce a ‘Smart Chair’ on an industrial scale, following a non-profit logic. This will be an innovative wheelchair, equipped with an easy to use, quick release electric motor, to promote personal autonomy for people with motor disabilities. The project is already complete, and it is now necessary to turn it into a reality. Let’s get infected with Good!

The Covid-19 Trilogy, ABC marks the editorial debut of the Égalité non-profit organization, and has reached maturity thanks to the commitment of a group of co-authors and volunteers, as well as dear friends. The effort has been coordinated by Dario Dongo.

Martina Novelli, Paola Palestini PhD, Silvia Comunian, Marta Strinati, Giulia Torre, Francesca Agostini, Guido Cortese, Sabrina Bergamini, Alessandra Mei, Camilla Fincardi, Marina De Nobili, Andrea Adelmo Della Penna, Carlotta Suardi, Giulia Caddeo, Donato Ferrucci, Selena Travaglio, Alfonso Piscopo, Claudio Biglia, Amaranta Traversa, Sarah Lanzilli,Fabrizio De Stefani, Andrea Gazzetta, Salvatore Parisi PhD, Maurizio Biena, Giuseppe Masala, Fabio Ravera, Philipp Fabbio PhD, Andrea Costa, Cristiano Rea, Vanessa Ciccarelli, Mirko Fuser, Tiziana Polimeno.


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Volume I – Persone


Volume II – Società


Volume III – Pianeta