The association

The Égalité association has been dedicated for years to cultural and architectural barriers, social inclusion and the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) in the UN Agenda 2030

Equality team

The mission


Égalité acts for the protection of human rights and the ecosystem. Observing, sharing and acting is our operational scheme. Which translates into concrete actions, on the information front but also in the administrative, political and judicial offices from time to time deemed most suitable for solving problems.

Accessibility Protection
Protection for aids for the disabled

Égalité's projects

Égalité addresses the first three projects to disabled people who need a wheelchair to be able to move around.  É-TR, electric wheel, É-GT, Smart chair ed É-WE, trolley with platform, make up an effective means of restoring autonomy in movement to all those who have difficulty walking.

Égalité's other brand new project is the Joy Park, of which the executive phase was entrusted to the Roman architect Giancarlo Zema, known for its eco-sustainable creations in collaboration with Paulownia4Planet, wants to be a pilot project, a sort of urban regeneration manifesto for all those difficult and peripheral city realities to eliminate inequalities, mend territories and give joy to citizens large and small.

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'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it ' (Pablo Picasso)

Égalité works every day to help the weakest to live better. Its members work on a voluntary basis and cover the management costs of the non-profit organization with their personal resources. Your help therefore translates into direct support for our concrete projects with a high social impact. Do not hesitate, join us to do Good!

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23 September 2023

The main road. National demonstration on 7 October in the name of the Constitution born from the Resistance

Work, peace, health, democracy, environment, wages, education, rights. Everything is held and "the main path" for a more just society from a social point of view and [...]
14 September 2023

School, Italy. Deep educational inequalities

School begins after years of difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic, with the educational impoverishment that this has brought. It starts with the usual (sad to say) gaps and [...]
10 September 2023

Digital Service Act and freedom of information in the European Union

The freedoms of expression and information proclaimed in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights came to an end on 25 August 2023, with the entry into force of the 'Digital Service Act'. (1) a [...]
2 September 2023

Free training and job desks and for people with disabilities, the ANMIL courses

IRFA – the ANMIL Rehabilitation and Training Institute (National Association of Mutilated and Invalid Workers at Work) – provides free training courses that integrate its Work Desk service, dedicated to [...]
August 26 2023

Alzheimer's, new drug being tested in Israel

There is no cure for Alzheimer's yet, but the search for drugs capable of alleviating its symptoms is progressing. The Israeli startup takes its place in this wake [...]
August 11 2023

Jesolo, the inclusive coast for 'normal' holidays

Jesolo, a renowned seaside resort, is the protagonist of the 'Accessible hospitality in pills' section of the show 'O anche no', on Rai 3. 15 km of sea with a flag [...]
August 5 2023

Val di Susa, public transport inaccessible. Reportage

Val di Susa – known in the news for thirty years of #noTAV battles against the Turin-Lyon high-speed train project – is still characterized by public transport that is inaccessible to [...]
July 21 2023

Tax the Rich, European citizens' initiative calls for the tax on large wealth

It was 2021 when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the "star" US congresswoman of the Democrats, showed up at the Met Gala wearing a white dress with blood red writing [...]
July 10 2023

#MaketoCare, #SmartWheelchair, mission in Israel

Helping others with innovative solutions is the spirit of #MaketoCare that brought the 7 projects awarded in the 2020-2022 editions of Maker's Faire to Israel, [...]