Dario Dongo

January 28 2023

Architectural barriers, the first exemplary sentence to the Municipality of Pomezia

The Court of Rome has finally issued the first sentence in Italy - to the Municipality of Pomezia, in the Metropolitan City of Rome - for not [...]
January 7 2023

Disabled hostage. The abuses of wheelchair suppliers

Disabled people in Italy often find themselves hostage, stuck at home even for several months, due to the abuses of some suppliers of electric wheelchairs and equivalent means (so-called trikes) [...]
December 31 2022

Disability, first home loan at zero interest. The bluff of the Lazio Region

On 25 May 2022, the Council of the Lazio Region approved the bill for the 'promotion of policies in favor of people's rights [...]
December 17 2022

Third series of videos on Égalité, disability and inclusion

The third series of Égalité videos, on our YouTube page, is dedicated to disability and inclusion. Subtitle, 'meeting extraordinary people'. Paraphrasing George's text [...]
December 3 2022

World Disability Day, Enough! Open letter

Also this year the newspapers remember, December 3, the world day of disability. And the politicians on duty, starting with the President of the Italian Republic, recite a [...]
November 20, 2022

Disability, aids and subsidies. Petition

The right to a dignified life for people with disabilities requires aids and subsidies that are still lacking in Italy, pace of the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with [...]
October 8, 2022

Low-cost home automation tailored, also for various disabilities and frailties, the ABC

Low-cost home automation is available and can be installed to measure, also to simplify the life of people with various disabilities and frailties. Without having to face the sometimes prohibitive costs and [...]
24 September 2022

#EuropeanMobilityWeek, the shame of Rome on Euronews in 9 languages

On 16-22.9.22 the #EuropeanMobilityWeek celebrates the international shame of Rome, thanks to the services of Euronews - in 9 languages ​​- and Fanpage on architectural barriers and inaccessibility of public transport. 1) #EuropeanMobilityWeek, the [...]
16 September 2022

Energy poverty and rationing, bonuses and rights of the disabled and the elderly

Energy poverty overwhelms Europe where rationing is announced, but the bonuses and fundamental rights of disabled and elderly people must not be touched. 1) Energy poverty Energy poverty refers to households that [...]
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