Dario Dongo

February 26 2024

Rome, 2 March 2024. Farmers and citizens united in protest

Farmers and citizens united in protest organize on 2 March 2024 in Rome, in Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, a mobilization for the fundamental human rights of [...]
December 15 2023

Antibiotic resistance, the silent pandemic

Antibiotic resistance has already been reported by WHO (2019) as one of the most serious threats to public health on a global level, a silent pandemic because a [...]
October 21, 2023

Food poverty, the crisis in Italy. Action Aid Report

Almost 8 million people live in Italy in a 'status' of material or social food deprivation, or 'food poverty'. That is to say that over 12% of the [...]
October 7, 2023

Serious illnesses and disabilities, employment protection and inequalities

Égalité collects the report of two women who have experienced oncological diseases and received job protection - as public employees [...]
10 September 2023

Digital Service Act and freedom of information in the European Union

The freedoms of expression and information proclaimed in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights came to an end on 25 August 2023, with the entry into force of the 'Digital Service Act'. (1) a [...]
2 September 2023

Free training and job desks and for people with disabilities, the ANMIL courses

IRFA – the ANMIL Rehabilitation and Training Institute (National Association of Mutilated and Invalid Workers at Work) – provides free training courses that integrate its Work Desk service, dedicated to [...]
August 5 2023

Val di Susa, public transport inaccessible. Reportage

Val di Susa – known in the news for thirty years of #noTAV battles against the Turin-Lyon high-speed train project – is still characterized by public transport that is inaccessible to [...]
July 10 2023

#MaketoCare, #SmartWheelchair, mission in Israel

Helping others with innovative solutions is the spirit of #MaketoCare that brought the 7 projects awarded in the 2020-2022 editions of Maker's Faire to Israel, [...]
June 22 2023

Lifesaving utilities and energy bonus for the disabled, the prank of Areti SpA

Disabled people whose existence depends on one or more 'lifesaving' devices and aids have the right to register their utilities with electricity suppliers to [...]
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