23 September 2023

The main road. National demonstration on 7 October in the name of the Constitution born from the Resistance

Work, peace, health, democracy, environment, wages, education, rights. Everything is held and "the main path" for a more just society from a social point of view and [...]
14 September 2023

School, Italy. Deep educational inequalities

School begins after years of difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic, with the educational impoverishment that this has brought. It starts with the usual (sad to say) gaps and [...]
10 September 2023

Digital Service Act and freedom of information in the European Union

The freedoms of expression and information proclaimed in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights came to an end on 25 August 2023, with the entry into force of the 'Digital Service Act'. (1) a [...]
July 1 2023

INAD, the Digital Domicile Index, debuts on 6 July

On 6 July 2023, INAD, the Index of digital domiciles, goes online. Those who register, indicating their PEC (certified e-mail) will have a direct channel [...]
June 22 2023

Lifesaving utilities and energy bonus for the disabled, the prank of Areti SpA

Disabled people whose existence depends on one or more 'lifesaving' devices and aids have the right to register their utilities with electricity suppliers to [...]
June 9 2023

Drugstore Museum in Rome, latest appointments at the archaeological museum of Portuense

The archaeological exhibition 'Three Stories from the Via Campana' organized by the Special Superintendence of Rome at the Drugstore Museum in Portuense is nearing its conclusion, scheduled for 18 [...]
May 20, 2023

Parco Ruspoli, the project approved and buried in the Magliana district, Rome

The citizen mobilization continues to save a green patch of possible archaeological interest from the concrete - in the degraded suburbs of Rome, Municipio XI, Magliana district - [...]
May 13, 2023

In search of San Felice, the Christian martyr perhaps buried under the Parco della Gioia

The catacombs of San Felice could be located under the Parco della Gioia. The hypothesis - an extraordinary perspective - was presented at the Drugstore Museum on the 21st [...]
May 6, 2023

Mo.VI Rome metropolitan city, the new volunteering network

Mo.VI Rome metropolitan city is the new territorial volunteering network of the Capital, to which Égalité adheres. The debut in Rome, on May 8, 2023 at the Coworking [...]
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