May 18, 2024

WHO, stop the 'pandemic treaty'

The 193 member states of the WHO (World Health Organization) are preparing to sign a 'pandemic treaty' which entails renouncing their sovereignty and [...]
April 20 2024

The Palermo Sea Ecomuseum turns 10 and focuses on inclusion

Palermo takes a step forward towards inclusiveness. The Memoria Viva Sea Ecomuseum of Palermo, also called the Sea Ecomuseum, celebrated its first 10 years of [...]
April 12 2024

'Green homes', another EU maneuver to the detriment of the population

On 12 April 2024, the Council approved the directive for 'green homes', already approved by the European Parliament on 12 March, to introduce the obligation of [...]
March 19 2024

Minimum income, poverty and social exclusion

Minimum income, poverty and social exclusion are the most serious symptoms of the inequalities that our association Égalité and our movement #PaceTerraDignità – in the elections [...]
March 10 2024

Freedom of the press, Anti-SLAPP directive approved

CASE (Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe) celebrates the approval in the European Parliament – ​​on 24 February 2024 – of the Anti-SLAPP Directive (Strategic Lawsuits Against publications Participation), aimed [...]
February 26 2024

Rome, 2 March 2024. Farmers and citizens united in protest

Farmers and citizens united in protest organize on 2 March 2024 in Rome, in Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, a mobilization for the fundamental human rights of [...]
February 15 2024

Inclusion and equality. The 'woman, city image' seminars

From language to medicine, the androcentric approach is still dominant. How to overcome the abuse of male gender interests is the underlying theme of the series of seminars [...]
January 13 2024

You become ConsumAttori. Reward training with the Antitrust

Many teenagers have probably discovered Antitrust on the occasion of the recent sanction imposed on the companies of the influencer Chiara Ferragni. (1) A case like many others of commercial practice [...]
December 29 2023

Electricity, gas, car insurance, save with the Authority's comparators

Saving on electricity and gas bills and on car insurance costs requires at least annual monitoring of the tariffs offered by the various operators. As an alternative to [...]
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