November 8, 2022

Work on Costa Cruises ships. Award to the investigation by Stefano Vergine

“14-hour daily shifts, 7 out of 7, with no rest days. For 9 months in a row and a salary of 710 euros per month. And then [...]
November 4, 2022

Inequality and the climate crisis go hand in hand

Inequality and the climate crisis go hand in hand, because the consequences of climate change have a greater impact on the poorest countries, which contribute less to the current [...]
28 September 2022

Minimum wages, EU directive approved

The Council of the EU gave the final green light to the directive on adequate minimum wages, which was approved on 14.9.22 by the European Parliament. (1) [...]
16 September 2022

Energy poverty and rationing, bonuses and rights of the disabled and the elderly

Energy poverty overwhelms Europe where rationing is announced, but the bonuses and fundamental rights of disabled and elderly people must not be touched. 1) Energy poverty Energy poverty refers to households that [...]
11 September 2022

Disability and reduced mobility, ABC of airplane rights

The rights of persons with disabilities and those with reduced mobility to receive assistance in air transport correspond to specific duties of the airlines and airport managers. However, the level of assistance is often unsatisfactory, [...]
August 19 2022

Common rules in the EU for associations operating in multiple countries

The opportunity finally presents itself to introduce common rules in the EU for associations operating in several countries. The public consultation on the proposal is now underway, until 18.10.22 [...]
August 6 2022

Parents and caregivers, new rules on work permits and leave

Italy finally acknowledges the dir. UE 2019/1158 on work permits, parental leave and extraordinary leave of parents and caregivers who have an employee job in the private sector. (1) Legislative Decree 30.6.22 n. 105, in force since 13.8.22, [...]
July 30 2022

Yemen, 26,5 million people go hungry. Unprecedented humanitarian crisis

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is reaching a climax, with 26,5 million people forced to starve. The military truce agreed in April 2022 - which is expected to be renewed, [...]
July 22 2022

Stop telemarketing on mobile phones, registrations from 27 July

From 27.7.22 it is possible to register in the public register of oppositions (RPO) and refuse telemarketing even on mobile phones. The defense service from the harassing calls of the [...]
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