July 2 2022

Architectural barriers in Rome, the first videos of Égalité

Architectural barriers in Rome are ubiquitous but few imagine their impact on the daily life of people with disabilities, which Égalité shows with a first series of videos. Barriers [...]
28 September 2020

Kazakhstan, #justiceforyerlan!

What happened on 22.9.20/XNUMX/XNUMX at the foot of the financial police building on Zhibek Zhola Street in Almaty, Kazakhstan? Yerlan Konuspayev's body is [...]
March 15 2020

Coronavirus persists for a long time on surfaces, how to sanitize them

Coronavirus persists on surfaces for a long time, even several days. But it can be easily inactivated, so objects, including smartphones, must also be sanitized. Covid-19, how can it be [...]
November 28, 2019

Antibiotics, consumption in Italy. Aifa report

Antibiotics. Consumption in Italy is still excessive, with profiles of inappropriate use reaching 30% of cases. The Aifa report (Italian Agency of [...]
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