The wheelchair manual is by far the most widespread. To allow those who have the strength to push it to move, and push the weakest. The latter, where possible, also make use of electric wheelchairs which, however - due to the greater weight (up to 150 kg, around 10-15 kg for a manual) and encumbrance - further limit access and transport. Impossible to load on non-prepared cars and stairlifts, too wide and deep for most domestic lifts.

É-TR is the trike by Égalité. A wheel with an electric motor and handlebar that easily attaches to the manual chair and transforms it into an 'electric tricycle' to drive, both indoors and out. Thanks to handlebar with accelerator and disc brake. The advantages of this solution are several:

- the trike it can be attached to the chair only when it is necessary to move, without altering the weight and dimensions of the wheelchair following release. It is lightweight and can be easily loaded onto cars, trains, planes,

- the size of the wheel (20 ') and the technology adopted allow the vehicle to be used in conditions of efficiency, stability and safety. In particular when you have to face holes or interruptions in the route (e.g. space between the sidewalk and the subway or train at level),

- the coupling-release system is simple, instantaneous and requires no effort. So that the electric wheel can be released whenever it is not necessary to move from one place to another.

Aims, promote autonomy and sustainable mobility for those with walking problems.

(Dario Dongo)