The first three projects of Égalité are aimed at a category of disabled people, those who need a wheelchair to be able to move. Pushing a wheelchair requires physical skill, strength and endurance within the reach of few. Especially in outdoor environments and even more so in countries, such as Italy, where architectural barriers are ubiquitous.



Move in a manual wheelchair - as well as being difficult and tiring - it increases the risk of falls. Bumpy sidewalks and / or without slips, slopes and unevenness are some of the leading causes of bone fractures and hospitalization. For individuals who often, contrary to what many may believe, are not 'sick'. Theirs is simply a condition of life.

Autonomy of these people should be promoted by the public sector and favored by the community, based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled and the regulations that followed. In fact, public transport is often inaccessible and alternative means (eg cars, taxis) are reserved for the few 'wealthy disabled'. The spatial horizons of the majority, on the other hand, are limited to the few blocks around their homes.

Égalité wants to offer people unable to walk two effective tools for autonomy of movement. The E-TR, electric wheel for wheelchairs, and its ideal companion É-GT, intelligent wheelchair. Two complementary projects that will find industrial application no profit and widespread distribution, with a view to covering costs and reinvesting in research.


Joy Park

Joy Park

The Parco della Gioia project was born from the idea of ​​Dario Dongo, president of Égalité. With the idea of ​​integrating biodiversity and sustainable development with the prospects for historical-archaeological development of the area, preserving every square centimeter of greenery.

The Roman architect Giancarlo Zema has transposed the dream into an enchanting project, which has already garnered the support of numerous civil society organizations in the area and of the Neighborhood Committee, as well as the bipartisan support of various Councilors of Town Hall XI.