The second project conceived by Égalité concerns a 'Gran Turismo' wheelchair, the É-GT. A super light and solid but above all intelligent carriage, so much so as to fulfill two unexpressed (or unheard) needs of the many 'besieged' of the planet:

1) absorb stresses that the chair suffers on uneven floors (eg holes, tiles and pavement, cobblestones and 'cobblestones', steps and sidewalks). Since these blows inevitably reverberate on the spine - which is already subjected to the stress caused by sitting and static position - we are studying the various hypotheses of basic solutions (elastomers) and suspensions (passive and / or active).

2) raise the seat, at least a little, standing still, with simplicity. In order to reduce that meter on average in height between those who are seated - without the possibility of getting up - and those who are standing. Also in this case it is not a revolution but a small novelty inspired by greater social integration and a less stiff neck for those who always look upwards, and those who, conversely, have to bend down or sit down for a face-to-face exchange.

Aims, reduce trauma to the spine of those who live and move in wheelchairs, facilitate interaction with those who are 'on a raised floor' with respect to the position of those who are seated.

(Dario Dongo)