The trolley with platform to be easily connected to the wheelchair is the third project by Égalité. Related to the first two projects (É-TR ed É-GT), adds the joy of sharing with a companion to the individual dimension of a 'motorized' wheelchair.

É-WE it is a simple trolley that connects to the wheelchair, on the back. With the dual function of:

  1. to carry the chaperone, albeit at low speed, together with the wheelchair user. In order to maintain the continuity of the dialogue, without having to force the 'bodywork' to 'keep pace' with the companion, in covering the necessary distances,
  2. lead with a wheelchair shopping bags, backpacks or suitcases, sports equipment, boxes, animals and anything else that may be necessary in everyday life.

Target, favor the autonomy of those in wheelchairs in movements that require the accompaniment of another person or the transport of animals and goods.

(Dario Dongo)