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January 28 2023

Architectural barriers, the first exemplary sentence to the Municipality of Pomezia

The Court of Rome has finally issued the first sentence in Italy - to the Municipality of Pomezia, in the Metropolitan City of Rome - for not [...]
June 25 2022

Roma Ostiense station finally accessible

The entrance to the Roma Ostiense train station is finally accessible to people with disabilities and reduced mobility, thanks to the request of Égalité to RFI Lazio. Accessibility of trains and stations in Italy, the [...]
June 11 2022

Accessibility of public transport, ultimatum at the ATAC in Rome

On 9.6.22, following the meeting proposed to us by the leaders of ATAC, we exposed our ultimatum on the accessibility of public transport in Rome. Égalité, accessibility objective Égalité Onlus deals with various issues related to development [...]
December 10 2021

Human rights and accessibility, the shame of lawyers in Rome

The international day for human rights, on 10 December, follows each year the one dedicated to people with disabilities. In Rome, instead, the shame of whom is celebrated [...]
December 6 2021

Rome, Genoa, Italy. Public transport, disability and discrimination

In Genoa as in Rome - and in Italy, more generally - the theme of discrimination in public transport, to the detriment of people with disabilities or fragile people, is being re-proposed in these days. [...]
October 29, 2021

Air transport, disability and discrimination

Discrimination against people with disabilities continues unabated even in air transport. And the numerous complaints, often without any response, are not enough to resolve the recurring inconveniences. (1) A. [...]
April 11 2021

Public transport and disabilities, in addition to insulting injury. Appeal to Minister Enrico Giovannini

Italic ignorance of the rights of people with disabilities finds maximum expression in public transport, as well as in schools (1,2). To the damage of incivility is added the mockery of the Authority [...]
August 17 2020

Trains and disabilities in Italy, stop apartheid!

Every day in Italy 5,7 million people take the train to get around. (1) But apartheid still applies to people with disabilities. The disabled, in the beautiful [...]
August 3 2020

Genoa, after the bridge, the architectural barriers. Appeal to the mayor and complaint to the AMT

Genoa has turned the page on 3.8.20. The architect Renzo Piano donated to the city the project of the sailing bridge, which the mayor and extraordinary commissioner Marco Bucci inaugurated [...]
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