January 7 2023

Disabled hostage. The abuses of wheelchair suppliers

Disabled people in Italy often find themselves hostage, stuck at home even for several months, due to the abuses of some suppliers of electric wheelchairs and equivalent means (so-called trikes) [...]
July 27 2020

Guarantee on disability aids, the Antitrust affirms the right to immediate assistance

On 27.7.20 the Antitrust (Antitrust Authority for Competition and the Market, AGCM) affirmed the right to receive immediate assistance in the event of failures of devices and aids for disability. [...]
February 8 2020

Palm oil biodiesel. Antitrust condemns ENI

Palm oil 'biodiesel' is unsustainable. And the Antitrust (Antitrust Authority for Competition and the Market, AGCM), with provision 15.1.20, sentences ENI SPA to 5 million euros [...]
11 September 2019 and disabilities. Complaint from Égalité to the Antitrust Authority In addition to the scarcity of accessible accommodation, there is the constant mockery of the disabled by the global leader in online bookings. Inaccessible and sometimes dangerous hotels and rooms, confirmations of [...]
August 31 2019

Assistance on aids to the disabled, the Antitrust opens an investigation

Prompt assistance in the event of defects and failures of aids for the disabled is what Égalité claims, in its complaint to the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM, so-called Antitrust) in [...]
August 25 2019

Economic inequality, the state of the art at the G7 in Biarritz

World economic inequality. The 1% possess more resources than the remaining 99% of the planet's population. The G7 countries now gathered in Biarritz - USA, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, [...]
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