18 September 2019

Buycott campaign! CALG and European Consumers join

The Buycott campaign! palm oil, GMO soybeans and American meats are gathering further adhesions. After the Associazione Comuni Virtuosi and Disability Pride, they join Égalité and GIFT (Great Italian [...]
August 14 2019

Land grabbing and climate change, the 2019 IPCC report

Land grabbing and climate change. The IPCC 2019 report of the UN intergovernmental panel of experts on climate change highlights the impact of irresponsible land management on the ecological crisis in [...]
August 10 2019

Brazil, pesticide cataclysm. #Buycott GMO soy and palm

It's pesticide cataclysm in Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil. Land robberies, deforestation and agrotoxics in bursts. In the vacuum of politics and the irresponsibility of supply chain operators, [...]
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