20 September 2022

Poverty in Europe, more than a fifth of the population at risk

The risk of poverty bites. In 2021, more than one in 5 people in Europe is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. And the [...]
March 18 2021

Guaranteed minimum wage, proposal for an EU directive for the social sustainability of work

In Europe, according to Eurostat data, the percentage of people living in poverty, despite having a job, is equal to 9,4% of [...]
April 18 2020

Coronavirus, sick people and people with disabilities. Disaster within disaster

Covid-19, for the sick and people with disabilities, is a 'disaster within a disaster'. The public health system has collapsed, those who need continuous care and assistance are forced to [...]
April 16 2020

Coronavirus, UN humanitarian appeal

All the knots of inequality in the world have come to the head of the coronavirus. Inequalities between the countries of the North and the South of the world, ubiquitous social injustices that [...]
October 9, 2019

Young people and inequalities in Italy, the social elevator is broken

Tell me which family you come from and I'll tell you where you will arrive. It is not the sorceress Circe but the infamous statistic of a 'social elevator' in Italy [...]
20 September 2019

Nursery and educational poverty in Italy

Educational poverty must be tackled in the bud, starting with the nursery school. Quality school and education are in fact the premise for young people to free themselves from the socio-economic difficulties of families [...]
14 September 2019

SDGs, the 6 necessary revolutions. Study and comments

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. 17 objectives, 169 target indicators. The year 2030 is approaching and human society is retreating rather than advancing. A group of internationally renowned researchers - [...]
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