January 19 2024

Inequality is a question of power. Oxfam report

Inequality is a question of power. And if 5 super billionaires in the world make 14 million dollars an hour, while 800 million workers have [...]
November 17, 2023

One in 10 cannot heat their home. The poverty numbers in Italy in the Caritas report

There are over 5,6 million absolute poor people in Italy, equal to 9,7% of the population. It is a poverty that also involves workers and yes [...]
October 13, 2023

Ente Pro Loco Italiane convenes the States General of Social Affairs

Ente Pro Loco Italiane (EPLI) organizes the States General of the Social, to relaunch the activities of the new forms of horizontal solidarity, increasingly urgent to face [...]
October 7, 2023

Serious illnesses and disabilities, employment protection and inequalities

Égalité collects the report of two women who have experienced oncological diseases and received job protection - as public employees [...]
14 September 2023

School, Italy. Deep educational inequalities

School begins after years of difficulties exacerbated by the pandemic, with the educational impoverishment that this has brought. It starts with the usual (sad to say) gaps and [...]
February 8 2023

Inequalities in Italy, the Oxfam report

Italy is a democratic republic founded on inequalities. The reformulation of the constitutional provision immediately comes to mind when reading the latest Oxfam report "Inequality knows no [...]
20 September 2022

Poverty in Europe, more than a fifth of the population at risk

The risk of poverty bites. In 2021, more than one in 5 people in Europe is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. And the [...]
March 18 2021

Guaranteed minimum wage, proposal for an EU directive for the social sustainability of work

In Europe, according to Eurostat data, the percentage of people living in poverty, despite having a job, is equal to 9,4% of [...]
April 18 2020

Coronavirus, sick people and people with disabilities. Disaster within disaster

Covid-19, for the sick and people with disabilities, is a 'disaster within a disaster'. The public health system has collapsed, those who need continuous care and assistance are forced to [...]
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