October 4, 2021

The climate crisis is devastating. But it is not the same for everyone

Climate change affects the whole world but it does not affect everyone equally. Climate injustice and social injustice go hand in hand. Extreme weather events, [...]
January 18 2021

Buycott palmoil, Legambiente and Égalité in streaming on 19.1.21

Buycott palmoil, the Legambiente and Égalité campaign against the use of palm oil in fuels, power plants and food products, kicks off with a streaming meeting [...]
August 17 2020

Trains and disabilities in Italy, stop apartheid!

Every day in Italy 5,7 million people take the train to get around. (1) But apartheid still applies to people with disabilities. The disabled, in the beautiful [...]
February 8 2020

Palm oil biodiesel. Antitrust condemns ENI

Palm oil 'biodiesel' is unsustainable. And the Antitrust (Antitrust Authority for Competition and the Market, AGCM), with provision 15.1.20, sentences ENI SPA to 5 million euros [...]
November 27, 2019

Climate emergency, XII Qualenergia Forum in Rome, 3-4.12.19

The XII Qualenergia Forum - in Rome, on 3-4.12.19, 10 am-17pm, at Spazio HDRÀ (Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 4) - is dedicated to the role of energy [...]
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