August 3 2020

Covid-19, non-mandatory masks for the disabled

The masks have yet to be worn, to mitigate the risks of contagion from Covid-19. But the disabled are excluded by decree, as are children under 6 years old. Covid-19, on with [...]
May 1, 2020

Disposable masks and gloves, appeal against environmental catastrophe

The incorrect disposal of disposable masks and gloves risks dragging the planet from the Covid-19 emergency to an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. Gloves and masks, appeal for the Mediterranean Silvio Greco - [...]
April 7 2020

Coronavirus, masks for everyone? Scientific studies in favor

Masks for everyone? Two solid scientific studies, published by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Nature Medicine, suggest the effective utility of their widespread use to reduce [...]
March 21 2020

Coronavirus and masks, which ones to use and how?

Coronavirus and masks, which ones to use and how? Is it possible to reuse them after an outing, or a work shift? The indications of WHO (World Health Organization) and other institutions [...]
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