February 8 2023

Inequalities in Italy, the Oxfam report

Italy is a democratic republic founded on inequalities. The reformulation of the constitutional provision immediately comes to mind when reading the latest Oxfam report "Inequality knows no [...]
July 30 2022

Yemen, 26,5 million people go hungry. Unprecedented humanitarian crisis

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is reaching a climax, with 26,5 million people forced to starve. The military truce agreed in April 2022 - which is expected to be renewed, [...]
April 4 2022

Food crisis Syria and Yemen, 30 million mouths to feed. Oxfam appeal

Eleven years of conflict in Syria and seven years of bombing Yemen total over 30 million mouths to feed, Oxfam points out in its recent appeals. In addition to two humanitarian crises [...]
October 9, 2019

Young people and inequalities in Italy, the social elevator is broken

Tell me which family you come from and I'll tell you where you will arrive. It is not the sorceress Circe but the infamous statistic of a 'social elevator' in Italy [...]
20 September 2019

Nursery and educational poverty in Italy

Educational poverty must be tackled in the bud, starting with the nursery school. Quality school and education are in fact the premise for young people to free themselves from the socio-economic difficulties of families [...]
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