August 13 2022

Life in Rome and Milan with a motor disability, the new videos by Égalité

Life in Rome with a motor disability is shared by some of its wheelchair-bound residents, in the videos made by Vania Zaharieva-Alexieva for Égalité. Life in Rome with a motor disability [...]
June 11 2022

Accessibility of public transport, ultimatum at the ATAC in Rome

On 9.6.22, following the meeting proposed to us by the leaders of ATAC, we exposed our ultimatum on the accessibility of public transport in Rome. Égalité, accessibility objective Égalité Onlus deals with various issues related to development [...]
December 6 2021

Rome, Genoa, Italy. Public transport, disability and discrimination

In Genoa as in Rome - and in Italy, more generally - the theme of discrimination in public transport, to the detriment of people with disabilities or fragile people, is being re-proposed in these days. [...]
July 24 2020

Disabled. Metropolitan inaccessibility Rome, yet another complaint to the Prosecutor's Office

The systematic inaccessibility of subway stations in Rome has exceeded all limits. Public service disruption and private violence. The writer presents today to the Prosecutor's Office [...]
July 27 2019

Rome Metro, elevators black-out

Rome Metro, black-out elevators, all reported. On 11.6.19 Égalité presented to the central office of the Carabinieri NAS - for forwarding to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Rome - a complaint against the [...]
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