In Rome, on 6.3.19, the Égalité association was founded by Dario Dongo (creator and president), Giulia Torre (general secretary), Marta Strinati (treasurer) - who make up the board of directors, with unpaid positions - and Francesca Agostini, lawyer.

The association

In Genoa, on 17.3.19, Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Gueye, Lorenzo Marcenaro, Valeria Piras, Giulio Cataudella and Gianni Bottino started the Genoese garrison of Égalité.

The Genoese garrison association

In Dakar, on 2.4.19, Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Gueye established the headquarters of Égalité in Senegal, alongside the Disability Pride Senegal association (Fierté de l'handicap), twinned with Disability Pride Italy.

Participation it is open to all those who intend to act for the common good, undertaking to develop and contribute to the implementation of projects capable of bringing concrete benefits to others, animals and the environment.

The Égalité association appreciates the opening of new offices, on the initiative of volunteers in Italy and other countries. On the basis of project initiatives for which specific objectives, times and methods of execution are defined and agreed with the board of directors.