We talked about the platform in April last year WikiParky. Created to give a concrete and immediate response to the difficulties caused by the pandemic to the community of Parkinson's patients, it has achieved other goals by becoming a meta-tool that can be made available to any level II association that wants to manage an effective and efficient information, training, tele-rehabilitation or telemedicine portal.

What's the news?

  1. How do I connect? a single click at the address wikiparky.tv. The Committee's site will remain https://www.comitatoparkinson.it and it will have a more institutional function. It too will be refurbished by the end of the year.
  2. How can I register? Clicking on Sign Up and by filling out the online form or by calling the toll-free number 800168116 9.00 13.00 from Monday to Friday from XNUMX to XNUMX. Attention, those who were already registered on the old portal will receive a simplified procedure. In the previous system, access to courses was booked by reloading one's data each time.
  3. How do I access the courses? Once registered, the "student kit" will be sent by email: Parkinson's Manifesto, Nutrypaprky, Safety rules, list and description of courses. The new platform provides for optimal management of registrations, allowing us to set a maximum number of participants per lesson. The system will automatically allow you to create multiple dates in order to satisfy all requests but maintain a trainer / participant ratio in safety standards (max 1:25). In the previous system, you could only book participation. This did not allow to know in advance how many users would connect to the lesson, creating organizational and logistical difficulties for the trainers.
  4. The scheduleNow the schedule updates automatically and can manage dates up to one year. It also includes consultations and events. The previous schedule was managed manually and only contemplated a weekly calendar. Each modification required a manual update and a shipment for each user with obvious risks.
  5. Memo service: you can choose how to receive news and "alarms" that remind you of the beginnings of the chosen activities (SMS, WhatsApp or EMAIL). Previously they were handled manually and collectively.
  6. Data update: at any time it is possible for the participant to update their data and various choices simply by selecting "Profile" from the menu.
  7. Card: we couldn't resist ... we had to reward you! It will soon be possible to print a card with which to access all the agreements stipulated and which we will stipulate for you and for the Associations.
  8. NEWS: We've had enough bad news ... so we've only predicted three types of views:
    Good news - Good news only
    News from the world of research (translated and explained even for us mere mortals 🙂
    Hoaxes - Report it too or ask us if you have curiosities or topics that interest you. We will shortly open a "requests" section

The news is coming

  1. Associations Space: un archive of all associations or ETS dealing with Parkinson's, so you can look for the closest one with which to interface; are you part of an association? become spokespersons for it and help us keep the data and activities proposed by your association up-to-date (download the proxy). Is your association not on our list? become its Ambassador and let us know where he is and what he does.
  2. DIET? NO, THANK YOU - we prefer RECIPES, adapted, many flavors for each season and directly from our nutritionist to you, do you know others? send them to us!
  3. WE SUMMER TOGETHER: training and sharing events, because what we deliver on the platform, we live it every day, a lifestyle to get better.