architectural barriers

December 3 2022

World Disability Day, Enough! Open letter

Also this year the newspapers remember, December 3, the world day of disability. And the politicians on duty, starting with the President of the Italian Republic, recite a [...]
November 20, 2022

Disability, aids and subsidies. Petition

The right to a dignified life for people with disabilities requires aids and subsidies that are still lacking in Italy, pace of the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with [...]
24 September 2022

#EuropeanMobilityWeek, the shame of Rome on Euronews in 9 languages

On 16-22.9.22 the #EuropeanMobilityWeek celebrates the international shame of Rome, thanks to the services of Euronews - in 9 languages ​​- and Fanpage on architectural barriers and inaccessibility of public transport. 1) #EuropeanMobilityWeek, the [...]
August 13 2022

Life in Rome and Milan with a motor disability, the new videos by Égalité

Life in Rome with a motor disability is shared by some of its wheelchair-bound residents, in the videos made by Vania Zaharieva-Alexieva for Égalité. Life in Rome with a motor disability [...]
July 2 2022

Architectural barriers in Rome, the first videos of Égalité

Architectural barriers in Rome are ubiquitous but few imagine their impact on the daily life of people with disabilities, which Égalité shows with a first series of videos. Barriers [...]
June 11 2022

Accessibility of public transport, ultimatum at the ATAC in Rome

On 9.6.22, following the meeting proposed to us by the leaders of ATAC, we exposed our ultimatum on the accessibility of public transport in Rome. Égalité, accessibility objective Égalité Onlus deals with various issues related to development [...]
December 10 2021

Human rights and accessibility, the shame of lawyers in Rome

The international day for human rights, on 10 December, follows each year the one dedicated to people with disabilities. In Rome, instead, the shame of whom is celebrated [...]
26 September 2021

Administrative elections 2021, disabled people and elderly people excluded

On Sunday 3 and Monday 4 October the 2021 administrative elections are called, in 1.162 municipalities, but disabled people and the elderly seem systematically excluded from the programs of the candidates of [...]
11 September 2021

Wheelchairs with electric scooters, the Paralympics for those who do not walk

The electric scooters to be applied to manual wheelchairs are indispensable for those who do not walk to face their daily Paralympics, in the locomotion specialties. All the more in countries [...]
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