August 11 2023

Jesolo, the inclusive coast for 'normal' holidays

Jesolo, a renowned seaside resort, is the protagonist of the 'Accessible hospitality in pills' section of the show 'O anche no', on Rai 3. 15 km of sea with a flag [...]
July 10 2023

#MaketoCare, #SmartWheelchair, mission in Israel

Helping others with innovative solutions is the spirit of #MaketoCare that brought the 7 projects awarded in the 2020-2022 editions of Maker's Faire to Israel, [...]
April 7 2023

The Parco della Gioia in Rome. A historic, green and inclusive oasis

In the Magliana district, in Rome, a dream could materialize, the Parco della Gioia. In the populous district of the capital - known for the criminal events of the [...]
February 18 2023

Schools, architectural barriers, cycle paths. No priority in Italy

Schools, architectural barriers and cycle paths in Italy are the least of thoughts for the political class of this era. The paradoxes of the 2023 budget law and the latest news [...]
January 28 2023

Architectural barriers, the first exemplary sentence to the Municipality of Pomezia

The Court of Rome has finally issued the first sentence in Italy - to the Municipality of Pomezia, in the Metropolitan City of Rome - for not [...]
24 September 2022

#EuropeanMobilityWeek, the shame of Rome on Euronews in 9 languages

On 16-22.9.22 the #EuropeanMobilityWeek celebrates the international shame of Rome, thanks to the services of Euronews - in 9 languages ​​- and Fanpage on architectural barriers and inaccessibility of public transport. 1) #EuropeanMobilityWeek, the [...]
11 September 2022

Disability and reduced mobility, ABC of airplane rights

The rights of persons with disabilities and those with reduced mobility to receive assistance in air transport correspond to specific duties of the airlines and airport managers. However, the level of assistance is often unsatisfactory, [...]
August 13 2022

Life in Rome and Milan with a motor disability, the new videos by Égalité

Life in Rome with a motor disability is shared by some of its wheelchair-bound residents, in the videos made by Vania Zaharieva-Alexieva for Égalité. Life in Rome with a motor disability [...]
July 2 2022

Architectural barriers in Rome, the first videos of Égalité

Architectural barriers in Rome are ubiquitous but few imagine their impact on the daily life of people with disabilities, which Égalité shows with a first series of videos. Barriers [...]
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