August 13 2022

Life in Rome and Milan with a motor disability, the new videos by Égalité

Life in Rome with a motor disability is shared by some of its wheelchair-bound residents, in the videos made by Vania Zaharieva-Alexieva for Égalité. Life in Rome with a motor disability [...]
June 18 2022

Intelligent chair, the collaboration with Regis Motors and Mecaprom is underway

On 19.6.22 Égalité started an official collaboration with Regis Motors and Mecaprom, in Biella, for the definitive development of the non-profit industrial project of the Intelligent Chair, a sustainable micro-mobility tool aimed at [...]
June 11 2022

Accessibility of public transport, ultimatum at the ATAC in Rome

On 9.6.22, following the meeting proposed to us by the leaders of ATAC, we exposed our ultimatum on the accessibility of public transport in Rome. Égalité, accessibility objective Égalité Onlus deals with various issues related to development [...]
June 2 2022

'Neighborhood in celebration', the pool becomes a square. Saturday 4th June in Rome

A whole day of pool party open to all, with stands, entertainment and music. It is 'Quartiere in festa', the first edition of an initiative that calls [...]
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